Addicted or Just Bad Luck?

An American Indian boy spent his entire childhood growing up on a “dry” reservation.  Thomas never saw alcohol until the age of 18, when he joined the army.  After completing basic training he decides to celebrate his first day of leave with a bunch of his new army buddies.

These guys insist that the best way to celebrate is by going to the local bar.  Well, into the bar they go with smiles and cash.  Thomas orders his first drink, a shot, and swallows it down just like the rest of the boys.  Almost instantly something begins to happen. A slow warm glow and happy sensation slowly moves from his stomach to his head.  He yells out, “I love this stuff!”  Thomas was determined to generate more of this wild new feeling and proceeded to finish off 6 more.

After being filled with all this liquid courage, he realizes not only does the bar have alcohol but some lovely women as well.  In fact these women look better now than they did when he entered the bar.  This was the opportune time to show these ladies what a real man can do on the dance floor.

Now he needed a sexy dance partner.  The problem was the girl he selected was spoken for.  Under the influence, he beats up the man denying him the dance with the pretty lady.


PROBLEM #1:  He is arrested for assault and put on probation.

After leaving jail and going to court to receive his sentence, he is thrown out of the army.  Thomas decides to pick up some work doing construction.  With a completed first day under his belt some of the co-workers ask him if he wants to go out and get a beer.  Seeing this is a great way to make some new friends and kill some time, he decides to take them up on the offer.

Once again, he loves the effects of the beer and drinks many more than he needs.  This time he realizes he must be clever. Thomas will not drink liquor or get into a fight. Still everything is not so simple. Driving back from the bar he is weaving all over the road.  Of course, the police pull him over.  He accomplishes his first drunk driving ticket.


PROBLEM #2: He is arrested for Driving Under the Influence and sent to jail for 30 days.

After getting out of jail the second time his girlfriend leaves him.  She warned him and has had enough. Alone and real depressed, Thomas goes to the local party store to get some food.  While walking up to the counter he notices the bottles of whiskey and vodka all lined up perfectly.  The bottles look so shiny and pretty. He is in pain and alcohol seems to take the pain away. Thomas gets his first solo bottle of whiskey and heads home.

After liberating the contents from the bottle into his belly, he thinks all about that girl who left him.  Now is a great time to apologize to her for all the problems he caused and make things right. And with the honest intentions of just smoothing things over and getting her back, he heads toward her house. Once at the house she is angry and not interested in what he has to say.  Pushing his way in through the front door, he gets into an argument with her and the new boyfriend.

The new boyfriend has to act hard to impress the girl. Otherwise, she may deny him access to her vagina, and vaginas are lots of fun. Thomas and the new boyfriend get into a fight.  Thomas grabs a knife from the counter and stabs the boyfriend dead.


PROBLEM #3: He is arrested for murder and sentenced to 20 years.

This young warrior drank on only 3 occasions in his life. Yet, when he got to prison, the psychologist told him he should never drink again.  According to the prison psych., Thomas was an alcoholic!

What do you think?  Should Thomas ever drink again? What is the worst thing that could happen if Thomas never used alcohol for the rest of his life? What we see in this story is a clear pattern of consequences becoming greater with each drunken occasion. The progression of his disease is undeniable.  Obviously, most addict stories are not this short and simple.


If you know an addict then you know this…


Addicts and alcoholics cannot get high successfully.  They try.  In fact, they try real hard.  No lack of effort there.  No matter what the combination or dosage used, they become miserable.  Further, they just can’t seem to keep jobs, keep significant others, keep money, keep the family happy, or just keep plain old “stuff.”

When they beg, borrow, buy, or steal stuff, they always find a way to lose it.  Losing is not fun.  Remember this is America.  People keep tabs on what you got.  You better have a lot of stuff and look good if you want to impress people here.


Addicts are not bad people trying to get better, they are sick people trying to get well.