Understanding Superman


There are many different types of superheroes, with all kinds of superpowers. Regardless, out of all these special do-gooders, Superman is King. Superman is the #1 superhero due to many reasons. However, I believe he is the best superhero because of one particular factor.

KryptoniteSuperman is the best superhero because he knows what his weakness is. Unlike the others, he realizes specifically what to avoid. Our courageous caped crusader must avoid Kryptonite. In fact, his life depends on it. He knows what it can do to him and he leaves it alone. Superman is well aware that messing around with Kryptonite will make him look stupid, weak, and even dead. Therefore, he actively avoids it in order to reach his full potential.

Many people never know what their weakness is. They live life doing, taking, and using things that cause them harm. Of course, people warn them to stop– but they ignore the advice. They may use drugs and alcohol even though when they get high– they look stupid, weak, and even dead.

If consuming drugs and alcohol is preventing you from reaching your full potential, well you have been made aware of your Kryptonite. You need to leave it alone so you can have a great life and soar to new heights. Realize this– strength grows from knowledge of weakness. You deserve to be your best. You deserve to be happy and successful. Yes, you deserve a life free from Kryptonite.

Breaking Chains