Lectures and didactics from Raj Mehta, M.S.W.


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Lectures Archive

Ego Defense Mechanisms:

Download – 32 MB


Love Is Actionable:

Download – 3 MB


Murder City:

This is a song I wrote about addiction.
Lyrics: Raj Mehta, Music: Kevin Sharpe / Raj Mehta, Vocals: Angelo Ganos.

Download – 12 MB


How Do We Learn?

Download – 28 MB


Russian Rehab:

Download – 29 MB


The L.A.R.A. Communication Method:

Download – 27 MB


National Association of Social Workers Presentation 2014:

Download – 12 MB


Addiction 101: Marijuana is Bad, Kids

Download Part I – 29 MB

Download Part II – 2 MB


Values and Money

Download – 29 MB


Understanding The Grieving Process

Download – 22 MB


Families Against Narcotics

Download – 14 MB


Relapse Prevention

Download – 22 MB


Stockholm Syndrome

Download – 9 MB


Understanding Heroes and Life

Download – 26 MB


Family Roles in Addiction

Download – 32 MB


Acceptance and Ambivalence

Download – 28 MB


Life and H.A.L.T.S

Download – 24 MB


Masks and Fortune Favors the Bold

Download – 28 MB


Raj appears on Behind the Bench with host Todd Flood on WJR 760 am

Listen to the podcast here.


Addiction 2 Being Real

Download – 29 MB


Addicted or Just Bad Luck?

Download – 31 MB


The View of Reality

Download – 25 MB


Fortune Favors the Bold

A song about addiction, written and produced by Raj Mehta, Greg Stryker, and Kevin Sharpe.

Download – 3 MB

Fortune Favors the Bold music video:


I Over E

Download – 32 MB


Abuse Treatment Methods

Download – 25 MB


The Cost of Addiction

Download – 33 MB



Download – 30 MB


Families Against Narcotics – Oct 16th, 2014

Download – 29 MB


New Masks and How Did We Get Here

Download – 27 MB

Someday – Anti-Addiction Song Template

Download Template Version – 8 MB MP3 This is the template of my anti addiction song. Anyone can rap, sing or write to this, please share and use. No fee. We want 100 versions of this all over the internet.
Download Someday Lyrics Text

Someday – Anti-Addiction Song Complete Version

Download “Someday” Complete Version with Lyrics – 8 MB MP3