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Services & Solutions

We offer a wide range of services and solutions to help people reclaim their lives and start the journey back to sobriety.  We offer cutting edge modalities and methods to help people get clean and stay clean. We offer customized therapeutic assistance to family members and the abuser; transforming families trapped in fear and resentment, into families steeped in love and harmony. These services reflect and target the various stages of substance abuse and utilize modern methods of prevention and treatment. If you require services not listed, please contact us to create an individualized treatment program.


Drivers License Evaluation         $375.00

For clients who have two or more alcohol charges involving driving. We have a very high success rate and know how to meet the specific requirements of the secretary of state in order to restore your license.


Individual Therapy*                       $120.00

One on one counseling, per hour fee. Personal attention combined with evidence based therapeutic modalities that help you achieve your specific goals.


Family Therapy*                             $150.00

Counseling involving two – five family members, per hour fee. We offer the best in family re-unification and family empowerment therapy.


Substance Abuse EDUCATION*

program       PER SESSION:                $150.00

This is a 10-week one-on-one session that meets one time per week (10 Sessions) This is cutting edge evidence based therapy and education. When completed, the client receives a certificate of completion that meets the requirements of the Court and has the tools to stay sober.


School Visits

One Hour High School / Middle School Age Substance Abuse Didactic: $300


Court Substance Abuse EVALUATIONS    $450

A structured, accurate evaluation to advocate for success. I work closely with top court officials to provide therapy and treatment. Our goal is accuracy and integrity.


*Prices may be reduced due to income.