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The Gladiator Concept
Getting the Help You Need Today

Raj Mehta is a fully state licensed therapist who has treated celebrity clients, professional athletes, famous rappers, C.E.O.’s, physicians, first responders, veterans, nurses, homemakers, and people who are destitute and homeless. He takes pride in being able to work with a wide variety of people from all walks of life.

Individual caring and empathic counseling to help you identify obstacles that are holding you back from being happy and successful. Whether it’s mental health issues or substance abuse issues, or wanting to be your best, we offer specific treatment modalities for all types of issues and concerns.

Substance abuse affects individuals, families, and whole communities. Often those who struggle with substance abuse, as well as their families, feel isolated, angry, and confused with nowhere to turn. This isolation increases the pain and hopelessness families experience and allows the substance abuser to slip deeper into despair.

At Serenity Therapy Center, we believe the best way to prevent and treat substance abuse is through direct intervention, family involvement, therapy, life skills, and continuing education. Don’t let addiction overwhelm you, your family, or your community! There is a way out of this lonely road and you are just a phone call away from your solution.

Rethink “The Plan”

Do you and / or your family need help? Does your community need new methods of combating substance abuse? Many health departments, treatment centers, and organizations feel overwhelmed with addiction, yet are only aware of outdated information and knowledge.

When it is time to rethink “business as usual,” it is time to contact Serenity Therapy Center. We offer individual and family therapy, drug treatment education, prevention education, and intervention services to people in need of help, education, and support. Contact us today to begin your road to recovery, understanding, and peace.