Are You An Addict/Alcoholic?


I have provided a bunch of questions you can ask yourself or someone else to see who’s an addict or alcoholic. Just mark an answer next to each question YES or NO. Don’t get carried away, these are not essay questions.

  1. Do/did you like to get high/drunk alone?
  2. Have you ever stolen drugs /alcohol or stolen anything to get more drugs/alcohol?
  3. Do/did you use drugs/alcohol to wake up or go to sleep?
  4. Do/did you avoid people or places that don’t have or use drugs/alcohol?
  5. Do/did you need to take drugs/alcohol to perform your job or go to school?
  6. Is your drug/alcohol use upsetting people you live with?
  7. Do/did you lie or manipulate to get drugs/alcohol from Doctors or others?
  8. Do/did you take drugs/alcohol to overcome the side effects of other drugs?
  9. Has your job or school performance been negatively affected because of your use of drugs/alcohol?
  10. Do/did you believe you work or think better under the influence of drugs/alcohol?
  11. Do/did you lie about how much you take or what drugs/alcohol you use?
  12. Have you been to a jail, treatment center, or hospital because of your use of drugs/alcohol?
  13. Have you ever overdosed on drugs/alcohol?
  14. Do/did you put the purchase of drugs/alcohol above your other financial responsibilities?
  15. Are/were you preoccupied with thoughts of using or getting drugs/alcohol?
  16. Does/did your drug/alcohol usage affect your sexual relationships?
  17. Have you ever traded sex for drugs/alcohol or drugs/alcohol for sex?
  18. Does/did the thought of running out of drugs/alcohol trouble you?
  19. Do/did you feel that you can’t fit in or have fun without drugs/alcohol?
  20. Do/did you have to defend or justify your using to others?
  21. Have you ever tried or promised to stop using drugs/alcohol?
  22. Have you ever used a drug without knowing what it was or what it could do to you?
  23. Does/did using drugs/alcohol affect your ability to sleep or eat?
  24. Have you taken drugs/alcohol you don’t prefer when your drug of choice was not available?
  25. Have you stolen from your friends or family to get money for drugs/alcohol?
  26. Have you smashed drug/alcohol paraphernalia in a fit of rage?
  27. Have drug dealers/bartenders told you that you are taking too much or are crazy?
  28. Have you been arrested for possession or being under the influence of drugs/alcohol?
  29. Does/did your drug/alcohol usage affect memory of the previous day or days’ events?
  30. Do/did you hang around with people you feel are of low moral character while using drugs/alcohol?
  31. Do/did you re-use needles?
  32. Have you done things for drugs/alcohol you swore you would never do?
  33. Have you used drugs/alcohol you swore you would never use?
  34. Have you ever thought of killing someone for more or because of drugs/alcohol?
  35. Have you ever killed someone because of drugs/alcohol?


Now that you’ve taken the test you must be excited? Let’s see where you rank.

By adding up all your “yes” answers you can see what level you have achieved.  Achieving many yes answers is not a good thing.   It just makes you aware of where you’re at in the world of addiction.

1 – 3 yes answers = BEGINNER


Beginner = If you answer yes to 1 – 3 of the questions you’re at the early stage of addiction.  You probably haven’t faced any serious consequences besides a hangover and a few “good” stories to tell.

-You now know how to alter your consciousness with chemicals!

It’s like this: You’re at the bar talking to Mr. Addiction while he buys you a drink.

Just an amateur being groomed for the future.

You have achieved “STONER” status.


4 – 9 yes answers = INTERMEDIATE


Intermediate = If you answer yes to 4 – 9 of the questions you’re past the experimental phase.  You probably have more than one drug / alcohol connection and have established a group of friends who share your interests in dope / alcohol.

-At this point getting high is still fun, not necessary!

It’s like this: You’re walking home from the bar with Mr. Addiction while he holds your hand affectionately. You’re an up and coming prospect.

You have achieved “HIGH ON” status.


10 – 19 yes answers = ADVANCED


Advanced = If you answer yes to 10 – 19 of the questions, you’re involved in the dope “lifestyle.”  Most of everything you do, from where you hang out, to who you talk to, revolves around drugs / alcohol.

-You are no longer interested in associating with people who don’t use or sell drugs!

It’s like this: You’re laying in bed with Mr. Addiction, making out, deep kissing, and all this is going on while he rubs your ass.

You have achieved “JUNKIE” status.


20 – 30 yes answers = PROFESSIONAL


Professional = If you answer yes to 20 – 30 of the questions or answered yes to 6 or more of the questions above 22, you’re in way too deep.  Problems with your family, the law, and lack of dope money are common.  You have established a reputation for drug / alcohol usage throughout your community. You can’t stop even if you want to. You are a “real” one.

-Even when you are good and high, you are still thinking about where and how to get the next one!

It’s like this: You’re panties are off; Mr. Addiction is smiling, zipping up his pants, and promising to call you tomorrow.

You have achieved “FULL FLEDGE ADDICT” status.


31 – 35 yes answers = EXPERT

Expert = If you answer yes to 31 – 34 of the questions or if you answered yes to question 35 you know what you are!  You’re a graduate in the college of addiction having earned a PhD with honors. -Your entire life, thoughts, and daily schedule is centered around using and finding the ways and means to use more!

-Using drugs no longer gets you “high”; it is necessary just to function!

Life is full of fears; fear of arrest, fear of death, fear of running out, fear of being unable to stop, fear of being miserable, fear of everything. Joy is replaced with loneliness, happiness is strangled by anger; behaviors and thoughts are reduced to the animal level.

It’s like this: Mr. Addiction got you pregnant, promised to marry you, and split town.

You have achieved “MAN ARE YOU A MESS!” status.



If you even think that you might be an addict; the chances are extremely high that you are one.  Just having to consider the thought that the addict description might apply to you, probably puts you in the addict category.  Keep in mind people who are not addicts never question themselves, “Do I have a drug problem?!”


Think about it. We need to be logical:

Football players don’t get confused and worry that they are dentists.

Ballerinas don’t sit up at night debating that they might be astronauts.

The people who love and care about football players don’t accuse them of being dentists.

The people who love and care about ballerinas don’t shout and curse, accusing the tiny dancer of being an astronaut.


Reality is often painful. I hope no one’s feelings are hurt so far.