The Gladiator Concept


The Romans captured and “recruited” gladiators from all over the world. Every tribe, culture, and country contributed gladiators for the fight. In addition, women gladiators were also “recruited” and known to bravely engage in contests to the death.  Most often, gladiators were slaves who were selected or requested an opportunity to train and live better lives.  They realized that by training with other gladiators and experts they would be able to hone their skills and become better warriors.  They attended special gladiator schools were they lived, trained to exhaustion, and reached their full potential as warriors.

If they fought well and won often enough, they could win their freedom.


Today’s recovery warriors are like ancient gladiators. Addiction enslaves people from all cultures, tribes, and countries—taking away their freedom. Often, these addicts have lost contact with family and friends—many have also lost hope. Accordingly, many addicts are even slain and disabled by addiction. Those addicts who yearn to be free turn to treatment centers, other addicts, and experts to get help. If they train hard and learn well, they can earn their freedom. Remember not all prison walls are made of brick and mortar. To face and fight addiction is to be valiant. Freedom from active addiction is a glorious thing. Welcome to “Gladiator School for Recovery!”

F O R T U N E   F A V O R S   T H E   B O L D !