About Raj Mehta

A Therapist & Educator Who Cares about You, Your Family, and Your Future

Raj Mehta, M.S.W. (University of Michigan), L.M.S.W., has extensive experience in substance abuse treatment as an educator, therapist, group facilitator, and interventionist. He specializes in multi-systemic therapy, motivational interviewing, and cognitive behavioral therapy. He travels around the country speaking to community groups, governmental / academic organizations, and families about rethinking traditional drug treatment and therapy. He thinks it is time to “rethink” business as usual and give peace back to families.

  • Developed and implemented Extreme Motivational Interviewing Therapy (EMT) methods for substance abuse treatment of adolescents and young people.
  • Developed and implemented Triadic Motivational Interviewing Therapy (TMT) for substance abuse clients with personality disorders and co-occurring disorders.
  • Developed and implemented Advanced Drug Abuse Risk Matrix Chart for prevention and treatment strategies.
  • Wrote the Underground Recovery Book 5.0, a revolutionary & watershed book for understanding addiction.
  • Nationally Recognized Leading Interventionist.
  • Thought Leader and Consultant on Addiction, Drug Abuse, and Substance Abuse Treatment.
  • Guest Expert Speaker on Addiction to: Oakland County Health Dept, Odawa Tribe Michigan, University of Alabama, University of Michigan, Michigan Drug Court Professionals, National Association of Social Workers, various High Schools, Television WXYZ 7 / WJBK 2, HMSA, various lock-down facilities, and various Treatment Centers.

“I consider myself licensed by the state of Michigan to kill addiction on site. I smash addiction, and I help people.”